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Camper shipping by Robert

Camper Shipping by Robert offers complete camper shipping, with insurance and customs formalities.

Starting with a quick and complete quotation – incl. insurance and customs formalities both port of loading and port of destination – after your inquiry for the shipment of your camper. From the moment of accepting the offer and signing the relevant shipping contract, you will experience 24/7 commitment and Robert’s up ten years of maritime experience to your shipment and your precious camper, motorhome or RV.

Robert’s service level is aimed to be high. Robert has the experience and knowledge to take care of shipping your camper. Whenever you are in need of a answer, he will reply quickly.

Robert offers camper shipping at lower rates on average because of our efficient communication and low overhead.

Services of Camper Shipping by Robert include:

  • Communicating with shipping lines on behalf of clients. Robert knows the right tone of voice and maritime language.
  • Helping both client and end client with the proces and needs and wishes.
  • Special wishes like delivery on location.
  • Customs clearance.

Do you have questions? Check our FAQ!

Proces of shipping your camper

After contacting Robert or requesting a quote he will reply as soon as possible. Robert  will offer a complete quote, including insurance and customs formalities. After approving the quote you will be sent an contract of affreightment and invoice for 50% payment downpayment.

During shipping from begin to end you’ll be informed all the way. Local agents are aware and well informed of your arrival and guide you to the local procedures to follow, before starting your adventure through Canada, USA or South-America… or even destinations in the Far East and/or Africa.


Camper Shipping by Robert is a trademark of:
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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping your camper comes with a lot of questions. Here are some answers. If you feel you need more information? Do not hesitate to contact Robert.

Yes, baggage and equipment can remain on board of your camper or motorhome during shipping as long as they are stored in closed lockers, etc. Not foodstuffs, no beverages, no flammable liquids are allowed on board and gasbottles need to be empty. Fueltank needs to be 1/4. You will get your camper in the same condition as when you handed it over to us.

When you already own a camper, why not take it with you? It offers comfort and ease of use you are used to. Renting a camper on your destination can be expensive.

Your camper or motorhome will be shipped by Ro-Ro shipping, or Roll-on/Roll-Off. Roll-on/roll-off ships are ferries designed to carry wheeled cargo. Your camper will be loaded and discharged from the vessel on it’s own wheels.

It depends on the port of departure. Usually the reservation must be done 2 to 3 months prior to departure. In special cases we can accept reservations 2 weeks prior to departure.

You can usually pick-up your camper two days after the ships’ arrival. You will receive detailed information about each port.

Robert only works with shipping companies that are known for caring as best as possible about the safety of your camper. But a comprehensive insurance is strongly recommended.

Our partner Seguro Gringo provides insurances for travelling with your camper or motorhome to the USA, Canada or Mexico. You can find all information on their website

Camper and motorhome insurances

camper motorhome insuranceIn need for an insurance when travelling to the USA, Canada or Mexico with your camper or motorhome? Our partner Seguro Gringo provides insurances. You can find all information on their website